We Love Ta(c)os

We had both heard many good things about Taos, so we decided to hit it up during our New Mexico adventure. Stefan and Melissa gave us an Airbnb gift card for Christmas, so we turned it in for two nights in an eco cottage.

The place was adorable inside. It had a small kitchen with just the essentials, two sitting nooks, and a wooden ladder leading up to a loft where we slept soundly. There was just enough inside to make it feel cozy, and nothing superfluous to make it feel cramped. During the spring and summer, the tiny house sits in a vegetable garden, and guests are encouraged to take and cook whatever they please. Unfortunately we only used the garden for urinating (also encouraged by the hosts). The composting toilet and shower were across the garden. Yes, in one year, our fecal matter will help grow the following year’s bounty.

Sustainability is great, and I have always wanted to try tiny living, but this experience let us know that maybe we don’t want it that tiny. I want a shower in my home (and after these last two months on the road…I want it hot). Plus, I need a place to put all the awesome stuff we got from our wedding shower.

Once we settled into our cottage, we were ready to explore more of this quirky little town. We headed downtown to see what we could see.

The first turn landed us in front of an art gallery. A man named Ken practically shepherded us out of the cold and into his doors, with a “come on, come on, it’s cold out, get warm in here.” Turns out, he was the loveliest man in Taos. He and his wife Patience Heyl, who is a very successful artist, moved to Taos three years ago. She is now banned from entering the yearly Taos painting competition because she came in first two years in a row. They shared their love of New York and Colorado with us and Patience even gave us a print of a Pueblo house as a honeymoon gift.

We also met some really nice women in a Made in Mexico shop. They were both transplants (Ohio and Massachusetts), and STOKED that we were on a southwest adventure. They pulled out maps. They pulled up google. They showed us photos. They totally disregarded other customers. Their enthusiasm was contagious. We ended up taking their advice and visited Bandelier, which Ryan will talk about soon. Talk to people; good things always seem to come out of it.

Our culinary journey through the southwest also continued. We ate the best cheese enchilada to ever enchilada. About six months ago I started putting dairy back into my diet for this very reason. Training has paid off.

Our eco house hosts recommended a bridge walk, so we got in the car and checked it out. We walked over a giant canyon carved by the Rio Grande, which was a bit alarming for me. I can climb a ladder attached to a mountain (see future Bandelier post) just fine, but walking a bridge over a giant crevasse makes me all, “let’s head back to the car” (but only after I take a glamour shot of you).

We ate, drank and we were merry. Taos is a lovely gem of New Mexico. The downtown is charming, the people are warm, and surroundings are enchanting. Now if only I can read the city signs without seeing tacos…

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