Blue Springs

Yesterday we woke up and headed to Blue Springs where we hoped we’d spot some manatees in their natural habitat. We entered the park and were told they spotted 95 the day before! If I could get just a glimpse of one of those whiskered beauties, I’d be happy. We walked the first boardwalk and spotted some fish jumping out of the water like tiny dolphins, and a ton of giant gar. But no beautiful majestic sea cows.

We walked the main promenade that had lookout points along the way and elbowed our way to the front (i.e. waited patiently like good citizens) to see what the fuss was about. Manatees!

Far away but you could just make out the shadow of their rubenesque bodies. We weren’t sure if they were hanging back to stay in the sun or away from the screaming throngs of children on school trips.

We also saw a bunch of cormorants having a relaxing afternoon amidst all the traffic and noise. We realized it’s hard to come to a natural place with so many people when your new normal is maybe a few humans or none at all. But we were glad to have spotted some sea cows, especially after seeing one breach further out as we walked away from the crowds.

My cousin Tiffany recommended a soul food place nearby so we headed there and got some lunch.

After coffee and a walk around DeLand (great little city!), we stopped by the Fairchild Oak on our way to my cousin’s.

We can’t get enough of these old live oaks. There’s something magic in their twisting branches and they just completely captivate us.

After the tree, we made it to Palm Coast where we’ll be staying with Tiffany for a few days. We’ll also we staying with Mojito, who tries to fight my love, but never wins.

Edit: The rings that Ryan is wearing in the photo of him devouring chicken were made by my cousin and her coworkers at Blazer Arts. If you’re in need of jewelry, check them out! They also made my wedding band. This is not an advertisement. We are not getting paid. But if you know anyone who would want to pay us to hawk their goods, let us know.

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