Okefenokee National Park

We left Hilton Head for Jacksonville to stay with some friends. On our way, we stopped for the night in Okefenokee National Park in Georgia, close to the Florida border.

The park was filled with swamp walks and we took advantage of some of the views. The weather was cloudy and a bit misty, but it added to the overall swamp look, in my opinion.

I just love the look of Spanish moss hanging off the branches of any tree it lands on. Fun tidbit: It’s an air plant and doesn’t harm the tree it hangs out on. It’s also neither Spanish nor moss. So misunderstood.

On one trail we were able to see an original homestead from the first family who lived on the island. They had a syrup shed, beehive, pigpen, and garden, along with many other interesting things used to live off the land.

We continued our walk through moss covered trees and made it to an old tower. The view from the top was just my kind, one where you see nothing manmade, just a great expanse of nature.

On our walk back to the car we made a little friend and watched him and his family paddle from one little island to another. We’re used to the Queens variety of garbage pandas, so it was interesting to observe them in a natural habitat.

We headed back to our campsite where we found out that our rainfly really does work. It was a wet night, but we were warm and comfortable with our pads and extra blankets.

In the morning I felt like a big breakfast, so we stopped in Folkstown, Georgia. There was a restaurant that every local seemed to be pouring out of, so we stopped and went in. The tables were covered in mismatching tablecloths, the patrons were dressed in camo, and the breakfast buffet was turning out the goods. My favorite character was a middle-aged gentleman in a cutoff and tight Wranglers wearing a belt with two guns, a knife, and other tactical gear. Truly, people can get wild at a buffet, so I admired his preparedness.

I ate a giant plate of breakfast, winner being a waffle covered in caramelized sugar bits (think “Waffles and Dinges”). We left with full and happy bellies for $14. Three cheers for Folkstown, Georgia.

4 thoughts on “Okefenokee National Park

  1. Tiffany Scardigno

    That’s “Little King Trashmouth” you saw in the rushes there (for all the Bob’s Burgers fans…). Did Ryan get some good biscuits and gravy at the breakfast buffet??? Or any salty, country ham???


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