Telfair Museum

Our final day in South Carolina and we spent most of it across the border in Georgia at Savanah’s Telfair museum. We took a quick walk through the 19th century aristocratic mansion turned art academy, viewing furnished rooms from the period and some of the family’s acquisitions from several trips “traveling the continent.”

The museum has a large collection of art and sculpture but the highlight for me was definitely The Bird Girl, in her place of honor at the very top of the stairs. Too many tourists were coming to see her in Bonaventure Cemetery after she graced the book cover and then appeared in the movie version of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, so they moved her to Telfair.

Then we went across the square to the modern building to see the special exhibit on The Impressionists. I know a lot less about fine art than I should, but Monet has always appealed to me. We took a guided tour and it was interesting to learn how the Impressionists broke all the rules and were the rebels of the art world in their time.

Their bold use of colors, textured brush work, and leaving uncovered bits of canvas exposed were enough to keep them outside of the Parisian Academy and polite Salons. Their depictions of the working class and including female painters also set them apart from the main stream. You can find more on the exhibit here if you’re interested.

We were delighted to find the Telfair also had an exhibit on Keita Takahashi, a video game designer who created one of the most weird and wonderful games I’ve ever played: Katamari. Years ago my roommate, Jon Ricco, brought it home and I was confounded by the strange little prince who had to roll up enough stuff to replace the stars and planets his father, the king of the universe, had destroyed in a drunken bender. Sound bizarre? I haven’t captured half of it, but it is charming and surprisingly fun. His newer stuff, including a three dimensional Pac-Man room and even more innovative work kept us delightfully confused and entertained.

We headed back to Hilton Head to for our last night in the house. My dad flew down to tie up some loose ends with the repairs from Hurricane Matthew and it was good spending some time with him. We’ve seen our last sunset in South Carolina, and from here on out we’ll be on the road. Next stop: Okefenokee Swamp National Park.

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