Untying the Knot

When Ryan and I unpacked our car in Hilton Head, there was a moment when we looked at each other with a “now what” expression on our faces. Everything about our lives for the last year (and 30+ years…) has been about arriving. What is the next thing? What are we supposed to be doing to get to that next thing? I think as individuals we have both done well in carving moments of “being” into our lives, but this was different. I felt a quiet panic. Everything was done. Wedding, Christmas, moving, packing, driving, arriving. There was a nagging agenda- plan your trip, build your sleeping platform, start your blog- but it didn’t come from a place of productivity. It came from a place of routine. Untying that knot of doing has been difficult. How do you unwind and unlearn what society has taught you? I don’t have an answer for that. What I do know is that sitting and walking in nature has helped root me to being. Each day it becomes a little bit easier to do nothing. The nothing becomes everything. Seeing a tree stump that looks like a giant pine cone becomes an enchantment and a wonderful day’s work. What a good problem to have, this untying.

One thought on “Untying the Knot

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